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Alaska Works Mission:

Alaskans who experience disabilities are employed at a rate as close as possible to that of the general population.

Alaska is now an Employment First state. Learn more at: http://dhss.alaska.gov/gcdse/Documents/calendar/201410/Employment%20First%20Presentation.pdf

Greetings. We have developed this site to share current information concerning customized employment and self-employment. Whether you are an individual that experiences a disability, parent, brother or sister, a support person, an advocate or a worker in the field of disabilities, you will find information on employment related topics, programs, workshop and training opportunities, referral resources, and Social Security Administration (SSA) benefits technical assistance for SSA beneficiaries that would like to pursue employment.

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More About Alaska Works

For the past several years, the Governor's Council on Disabilities & Special Education and the UAA Center for Human Development have been working with individuals with disabilities, state agencies and service providers to implement the Alaska Works Initiative, which is designed to increase the employment rate of Alaskans with disabilities. Together, stakeholders are working to increase opportunities for productive, career-oriented, and truly community-based lives for themselves and others.

Funding Sources

The Alaska Works Initiative has been funded through a group of federal and state grants. The Rehabilitation Services Administration State Partnership Initiative, Medicaid Infrastructure Grant, SSA Benefits Planning Assistance and Outreach Grant, The US Department of Labor Workforce Coordination funds, Workforce Investment Self Employment funds, Micro-enterprise Development funds the state Transition and Mentoring Project, Work Incentives Planning & Assistance Initiative (WIPA) Project and recently the Alaska Employment Initiative.

Federal Law helps people on SSI and Medicaid save money for important life purchases.

Comment Request: Survey of Employer Policies on the Employment of People With Disabilities


National survey demonstrates that Americans with disabilities are striving to work and overcome barriers

The recommended article for September and October:

Research to Practice - State Employment First Policies: State Definitions, Goals, and Values

August 2017 Disability Employment Statistics

Ages 16 years and over

Labor Force Participation

  • People with disabilities: 35.9%
  • People without disabilities: 76.6%

Unemployment Rate

  • People with disabilities: 8.4%
  • People without disabilities: 4.4%

Upcoming Trainings

Class will not be administered if fewer than 5 people register.

9/17/2018 - 10/24/2018 Alaska Certification in Employment Services (NCES) Distance Delivered